Video DJing

What is Video DJing?

Video DJing is simply where instead of playing music the DJ plays music Video’s.

How do You show the Music Video’s?

We have a couple of options for displaying the Music Video’s. These options are purely based on available space. If we have room we have a 100″ rear projection screen, which is measured diagonally so if you imagine a 50″ TV it is the same as having 4 x 50″ TV’s. If there is not enough space for our large screen we have DJ consoles where we can project the Video’s on to which are about the same as a 50″ TV screen. We do have a standard 70″ projection screen as a half way medium option. If your venue has built in TV’s or projectors we can with the venue’s permission put the music videos on to their screens.


What else can you do with the Video screens?

Using the latest VDJ software we can put your names scrolling across the screen on top of the Music Video’s.

We can put your own Videos on the screen. So during a first dance we can put your home videos as a child on the screen instead of the music video associated with the music being played.

We can put a photo slideshow of photo’s either from your past or from earlier in the day provided we are given the photo’s.

If you hire our Photobooth package we can put photobooth photo’s on the large screen also.


Do all your DJ’s use Video?

Currently Video DJing is only available for some of our DJ’s so if you want this feature then please book as early as possible