Tailored prices to suit your budget

We believe that every function is individual and prefer to give individual quotes based on your requirements. However so that you can judge if Omega Sound Disco’s matches your budget we have a couple of examples below. As you can imaging not every disco and DJ is the same. Picking a disco and DJ for your event may initially appear to be a minor thing and as long as there is music people will be happy. This could not be further from the truth. If your Wedding cake is just Ok people will be polite and say it is nice but it won’t be the big thing they remember at your wedding.

If however the DJ has got poor equipment, not many lights or his equipment keeps going off or he is not getting people dancing and enjoying themselves both you and your guests will remember how bad the night is.

A wedding cake can cost £500+ and will not make or break your event. If however your DJ looks professional, has professional SAFE equipment and plays the music people want to hear and they have a great night both you and your Guests will remember that special time.

Unfortunately due to modern technology people can buy cheap equipment, which is not professional equipment, but aimed more at the person having a party in their house, download some songs illegally and set themselves up as a DJ. These people tend to not have their equipment electrically tested, not have public liability insurance and not have a back up if their equipment does fail, either at your party or the night before.

We have had a number of people ring us up over the years on the night of their party crying on the phone that their DJ has let them down because his speakers blew last night. We will of course try to help people in distress but we often find when we tell them our price their response is, the other DJ was only charging us £xx.

Here at Omega Sound Disco’s all our equipment is Professional DJ equipment specifically designed for Professional use, as a result is a lot more hard wearing. You find also as a result the sound quality is a lot better and the lighting looks more the part. We regularly replace our equipment and the majority is not older than 2 or 3 years old.

We also have back up pieces of equipment so if a piece of equipment does fail then we have a replacement ready to go. All our equipment is electrically tested by a qualified electrical engineer and we have full public liability insurance for £10M, both of which is often required by some venues to allow a DJ to play. All our music is from legal legitimate sources and over 95% comes direct from the record company clubs (Which we pay to be a member of). We are members of the Mobile DJ Network, one of the UK’s most trusted DJ associations. We have a number of DJ’s who work with us so if a DJ is ill then we can substitute a replacement quite easily.

The examples below are for guidance and we will provide you with an individual quote based on the size of venue, location of venue, access to the venue (Some venues involve a lot of stairs and restricted access or it costs us to park a vehicle nearby), the times you wish us to play for and if you require us to set up earlier etc.

We have 2 basic kinds of Disco.

Our standard (What we call compact Disco) which would generally include a DJ with decks, 2 speaker High quality sound system (Around 1500 watts of music power), at least 1 or 2 stands with LED lighting on (Generally 3 or 4 lighting effects at least), the lights will generally be running on a basic sound to light system.

Our Big Show, which will generally include a Dj with decks, 4 Speaker high quality sound system (Usually 2 Subwoofers and 2 full range speakers around 4000 watts of power), Aluminium trussing up to 8 M wide with 8 – 10 LED lighting effects including moving heads which are controlled via computer controlled technology.

Standard package

For 5 Hours 7pm until midnight would generally be around £395 depending upon location and Venue.

Big Show package

For 5 hours 7pm until midnight would generally cost £495 depending upon location and Venue.

We can offer some discounts if hiring our Photobooth at the same time as a package. We also have smoke and haze machines available however an ever increasing number of venues do not allow them.

So if you want to hire the best for your wedding or other event then give us a call for a personal quote to meet your requirements. We generally quote over the phone or via email however we can meet with you if you would prefer to meet in person however to keep prices as low as possible we try to keep on site meetings to a minimum.

Additionally we also have access to uplighting so we can colourwash your venue in your chosen colour and also access to Giant LOVE letters. These additions are Priced upon application as there are a number variables.